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Iris Turns Three.

Iris turned three today and it was such a sweet day. Really, the whole weekend was great.

Sadly, we had planned to have a "Soccer Ball Party" (as Iris called it months before) on Saturday in a nearby park where we were going to play soccer, but it rained on Saturday. . . A LOT. So, instead, we had a family party at the house and it was still wonderful.

Iris requested a cake with sprinkles on it, so momma delivered.  For future reference, if you are looking for a great box gluten-free cake, choose the Bob Red Mills Vanilla Cake mix. I actually used two different gluten-free cake mixes this weekend and it was the champion (the other [Pamela's] was good, but not great). 

Iris was surrounded by so much love on Saturday. There's not much that Iris loves more than having both sets of grandparents within arms reach.  

The pictures above are from her actual birthday, today. We woke up, had a lazy morning, lazy breakfast and watched our latest Netflix fave, Anastasia. Then Jay and I made our coffee, Iris put on her soccer jersey from Turkey (and immediately covered it up with a jacket because it was 60-something degrees outside), we convinced Iris to keep her eyes closed and we all headed outside to see her big birthday surprise. What you are seeing in the photos is her reaction to seeing her two mini soccer goals and a new ball in the yard. This kid loves soccer so irrationally. It's amazing. 

Here are a few photos of the party on Saturday. I didn't do a great job of manning the camera that day, but here are a some nice lil' cake shots. 

Iris 3 (2).jpg

I thought I'd write some great things about Iris on here since it's her big day and I love her oh-so-much. In no particular order. . . 

#1 She has teeny tiny freckles on her cheeks these days and I love them.

#2 She likes vegetables. You name it, she probably likes it or is at least willing to try a couple bites before saying, "that's not my favorite". 

#3 We have a pretty consistent dialog before bed that is straight out of Peter Pan. Here's how it goes: 

Iris: Mother?

Me: Yes, Michael?

Iris: Buried treasure. (Then she hands me imaginary gold cufflinks that belong to George. I know, she's great.)

#4 Her favorite stuffed animal companion is an unidentified lemur/bat type creature and she named him Fatí. Not Fatty. Don't say Fatty. It's Fatí with an accent. 

#5 She has a stellar imagination.

#6 She loves her friends. The girl thinks everyone is or wants to be her friend (and it's not that far from the truth). 

#7 She loves soccer.

#8 She loves her "baby sister". I thought the newness would wear off by now and she would be sick of not being an only child anymore, but it's just not the case. She loves her "little sister" well. She hugs her, kisses her, occasionally shares without being forced to, tickles her and watches out for her. It's a big blessing. 

#9 She loves all animals. We can't walk by a dog without petting it. We can't walk by a cat without TRYING to pet it. 

#10 She loves to sing. She makes up songs regularly and performs them on "stages" wherever we may be. 

There are obviously a million more reasons why I love her, but I'll stop there. I feel so blessed that she's my daughter and that I get to experience her loving and wild heart everyday. Happy birthday to Iris!




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