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Lately, it's been fun to find various insects scurrying around our flower bed and garden. Iris finds them and gently loves on them, before releasing them back to the wildly manicured bushes. Although, one creature that popped up around the house was particularly hard to let go, so he stayed with us for about a week.

Peter Pan, the Frog.

He was a fine frog of about 2cm long and he ate like a king in his spacious mason jar.

I looked it up and he seemed to be a Gulf Coast Frog. I'd seen those regularly in East Texas where I grew up, but everyone who visited our house that week was mystified by how small he was. They'd never seen "such a small frog", but surely they'd been hopping around Austin for ages, right? It made me think about all of the nature we miss by just being 5 to 6 feet above the ground. 

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